Did everyone enjoy the holidays?  Have a great New Years?  Set any beauty resolutions?  One of our New Year resolutions was to start blogging about healthy skin and we’re starting today with a great Beauty Resolution list we wanted to share with you!
This is an interpretation of a list put together by Glo Cosmetics and we have pulled out our favorite recommendations to help with your own beauty resolutions!
  • Clean your makeup brushes!  Cleaning them helps them last longer, keeps your makeup going on smoothly, and reduces breakouts; so it’s a great habit to get into this new year.  Some say you should wash them once a month.  Others every week, and others every 2 weeks.  As long as you are cleaning them with some regularity, you should be fine, just start doing it now!  Your skin will thank you!
  • Wear SPF everyday!  The importance of using SPF 15 or higher sunscreen cannot be understated.  Sunscreen reduces the risk of melanoma by 50% according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.  Fortuntately, we can help!  Most Glo products have SPF as do several SkinMedica and Revision products.  Start this today!
  • Start a Skincare Regimen!  I used to be averse to the regimens that dermatologists and beauty professionals would recommend to me.  I always felt like the regimens were intended for product sales rather than my skin and sanity’s health.  Then, when I tried the regimens, it was fine, but I rarely felt like all that fuss was making a difference, until I tried SkinMedica.  Once I used their products as directed and saw their impact on my skin, I’ll never go back.  It’s amazing to find something that works!  They have countless research behind their claims and it’s time you enjoyed the results for yourself.  Call us today.
  • Don’t pick at your Acne!  This one is so tough!  I hate clogged pores with a passion, but picking spreads the bacteria causing the breakout.  The best way to deal with a breakout?  Get on a good Skincare regimen AND see a professional for extractions – P.S. We’re professionals and offer extraction services.  Call for a time today!
  • Treat yourself to a facial!  Did you grow up thinking that facials were luxuries?  I sure did, and boy was I wrong.  Facials are an essential part of your skincare arsenal!  At CSCCI, you’ll get a professional treatment, using professional products that you can’t get at home.  It’s worth it and should be considered a preventative treatment for your skin’s health.  You won’t be dissapointed!
  • Throw out expired products. Omgoodness, how many drawers of the world will thank us for this!  If your drawers are like mine?  Many, many drawers!  In the interest of doing nice things for ourselves over the years, many of us have spent a small fortune on products that we’ve tried, but quickly let fall to the wayside.  It’s time to start fresh, to only use things that work (like SkinMedica and Revision), and get rid of the clutter.  You won’t need it!
  • Remove your makeup every night before bed.  We’re all guilty of this, I just don’t know that all of us know why it’s so important to do.  However, sleeping in your makeup (especially if the products have less than stellar ingredients in them) can cause premature aging, which none of us want!  It’s an important everyday ritual that our future selves will thank us for.  Take the time to do it today!
  • Find a Red lipstick that you love!  Truly, this is just because EVERYONE needs a sassy red lipstick.  Glo has a shade for every skintone, it stays on forever, and feels great on your skin.  Do it.  You won’t regret it!

OK, that’s it for us today!  We’re excited for the New Year and all that 2016 will bring for us all!  See you soon!

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