Dr. Bill Fisher has had a life-long fascination with aviation.  When a family member became a commercial pilot, a shortage of examiners in the area led him to begin offering a unique service for pilots and air traffic controllers. Pilots and air traffic controllers require a special kind of exam which determines their physical readiness for service.   Dr. Fisher is one of few physicians in the Central Illinois area who can offer this service to pilots and air traffic controllers.

Dr. Fisher has obtained a certification as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This certification is important to understand the physical and mental standards required for safe performance of the duties of a pilot or air traffic controller (ATC). Though the ATC may stay on the ground, they provide a vital service to guide pilots, their planes, and millions of passengers from taxi to takeoff, through the air and back safely on the ground.   Job readiness of a pilot or an ATC is something that can only be determined by a designated AME. 

If a pilot or air traffic controller candidate meets the safety standards required by the FAA, then the individual will receive a medical certificate. The FAA determines physical and mental conditions for an air traffic controller to meet required safety standards.  Any pilot or those interested in becoming one may apply for any class of medical certification, although most apply for the class most applicable to their flying activity.   These certificates each offer a more restrictive set of physical standards, from general aviation to commercial pilots.    

This is yet another service offered by Innovative Medical Therapies.  It is an important service that provides safety to millions of plane passengers and a close, convenient location for pilots and ATC’s.  Contact us today to learn more about the service and how Dr. Fisher can help you receive the medical certification you need to begin your pilot or air traffic controller career.