Basil Essential Oil - our July Special

Basil Essential Oil is relaxing, cooling, and healthy – we could all use more of that in the heat of summer.

One of our favorite cooking herbs, Basil Essential Oil is known for its warm, spicy yet herbal aroma.

As a spice, it is wonderful in pasta. But applied to the temples or back of the neck, it reduces anxiety and calms. It is said to be the oil of “renewal.” That’s why we selected it to be our July Essential Oil of the month.

Cooling Agent

As the summer heats up, who doesn’t need a secret cool-aid. Basil essential oil is just that. Combine it with Wintergreen and a carrier oil for a cooling massage. Or just use on the spots that heat up.

Stressing? Who us?

Who in your family stresses easily? Is it your son on the first day of summer camp? Or your husband when work gets overwhelming? Or you? Just dealing with the day-in-day-out life stressors that we all have. Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice, and create greater focus and less stress in all your lives.

Secret Ingredient

Basil may be the secret ingredient in your lasagna, but its linalool content is what makes it the secret ingredient in combating nervous tension, mental exhaustion, headaches, and the tired feeling that comes from too much stress. The relief you get is real – Linalool is key in the production of Vitamin E, which makes it very important to you and your family for healthy functioning. doTERRA theraputic essential oils can be found at Innovative Medical Therapies

Not all essential oils are created the same

We believe in doTERRA oils because of their commitment to providing only the highest quality and purest essential oils, sourced responsibly from around the world. doTERRA is Latin for “gift of the earth.” These Certified Pure Theraputic Oils are the oils we use – and they are the ones we recommend.

In the case of Basil Oil, doTERRA steam-distills leaves, stems and flowers to produce an oil of much greater potency than what is made by using dried or even fresh leaves.

Call us or stop by to add Basil Oil to your doTERRA collection.

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