Golden Glow Facial

September’s Golden Glow Facial

Golden Glow Facial Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-aging. Golden Glow Facial stays spicy. Had curry lately? Turmeric is a key spice in making curry. And Turmeric is a key ingredient spicing up our September Golden Glow Facial. We combine it with honey, besan flower and yogurt to give you a natural glow. Turmeric – long celebrated for its health properties The Indians value turmeric. This golden spice has been used medicinally and in celebrations for over four thousand years in India. And it is part of Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric comes from the root-like stem of the Curcuma Longa plant. India has long been the largest producer of the spice. Curcumin – a wonder drug in your curry Modern medicine has now uncovered turmeric’s secret – curcumin. This bioactive component has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – and is said to rival ibuprofen. A Healing Spice Added to our September facial, turmeric’s...

Lavender Essential OIl

Lavender Essential Oil – our September especial

Lavender Essential Oil - the relaxation elixir. Life picks up in September. School starts. The pace is faster. That is why lavender is a wonderful addition to your essential oil collection. Lavender essential oil's calming and relaxing properties promote restful sleep and ease tension. Lavender has been a go-to solution since the Romans and Egyptians used it as a perfume and for bathing and cooking. They knew that lavender was a wise oil to have on hand. Who struggles with sleep? You? Your spouse? Or a child? Lavender is widely know for promoting a more restful sleep. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your families’ pillowcase or sheets so that they can inhale the aroma as they drift off. A more relaxed household. The same relaxing properties of lavender that help you sleep, also create a serene environment when used in the daytime. Diffuse lavender essential oil...

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint – Our August Essential Oil

10 ways Peppermint will Pep Up your Day Peppermint Essential Oil is one of the most widely used essential oils – so we must say, if you are missing peppermint from your collection, you are minus one of our most useful oils. A Cool Dude Peppermint has menthol in it. Did you know that we all have special protein (TRPM8 to be more specific) that is activated by menthol and sends a ‘cooling’ message to our brains? It does. That is why peppermint is so cooling. Named after a Greek Nymph Peppermint has been valued since ancient times – it was found in tombs of Egypt dating back to 1000 BC. And it is used in cooking – in cosmetics – and as a medicinal ingredient. (I’m drinking peppermint tea as I write this post.) Peppermint’s scientific name is Mentha piperita. In ancient Greek Mythology, Minthe (also known as Mentha),...

Mint Facial

August Facial of the month: Mint

Our August facial is our mint facial. What could be cooler? A concoction of cucumber, mint, coconut oil and sugar – this month’s facial exfoliates as it brightens … and cools! And in August – we need all the cool we can get. Minty fresh Did you know that the peppermint plant is a hybrid of the water mint and spearmint plants? But when it is rubbed on your skin (or swallowed) the menthol in mint activates the TRPM8 receptor … without getting us all confused, this is a protein in our molecules that transmits the sensation of cold! So it is no wonder that peppermint also helps us stay attentive and aware. Salad for the face Cucumber, a wonderful addition to any summer salad, is a natural toner and astringent for your skin. Due to the presence of manganese and potassium in cucumber, it helps firm and tighten your...

Donate 10 school supplies

August Special – Donate 10 School Supplies & Get $49 Microdermabrasion

A Smooth Start to the School Year In August, when you donate 10 school supplies, you can get a microdermabrasion treatment for only $49 Please Help Us Out! When Dr. Fisher and Chris Fisher heard this story out of Oklahoma about a teacher who resorted to panhandling to raise money for classroom supplies they felt like they wanted to help in some way. (This teacher raised $25,000 and is going to start a foundation to buy school supplies for teacher!) IL Teachers Illinois teachers are put in the same position – many must use their own funds (out of teachers’ salaries, nonetheless) to pay for supplies for their classroom. For art projects. For learning aids. Sometimes to pay for school supplies for kids whose parents can’t afford to purchase them. Families Need Our Help Too In addition to teachers, there are also a lot of families feeling the pinch when...

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