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We talk a lot about helping folks look and feel their bests, but did you know that the same services that treat our faces can also treat our hands?!?  How exciting is it that our services can help heal dry hands?

As someone who struggles with severely dry skin in the winter, this is amazing news to me!  The skin on my hands crack.  The areas around my nails are dry and brittle, ripping any fine materials they encounter.  And they hurt like you wouldn’t believe!

I have also tried every kind of product out there.  Hemp products, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and so many more.  I’ve tried mass produced, locally produced, natural products.  I am also a religious Vanicream user.  It works miracles on the skin on other parts of my body (that’s a whole other blog.  I LOVE Vanicream and would recommend it to anyone struggling with dry skin), but it hasn’t touched the dryness of my hands.

So, you can imagine my excitement to discover the treatments we do at Innovative Medical Therapies that can help my problem.  Look no further!  We have those dry hands covered!

Today I tried the following treatments on my right hand so I could compare it to my untreated left hand, and there is literally no comparison.  These services are available at IMT:

  • A Crystal Microdermabrasion.
  • A Parafin Hand Treatment.

And the results are exciting.  After just one treatment, the skin around my nails is softer, the craggy lines in my hands are smoother, and I can’t wait for my next treatment!  The protocol for maximum impact with Microdermabrasions is 10 treatments, 1 week apart.  Then after that, you can maintain the healthy skin with treatments 1 month apart.

The parafin hand treatments are an added bonus to spa services offered at IMT.  This relaxing, warm, lovely treatment costs extra at a lot of beauty places.  At IMT it’s just one of the luxurious perks you’ll receive.

Call to schedule your treatment package today!  309-347-2714.



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