Our Blueberry Facial is July's way of telling you that you are beautiful.

Our July facial is our blueberry facial.

Our blueberry facial is a combination of five natural ingredients – all of which are delicious when eaten, but also beneficial when used as a facial.

A delicious recipe for beauty.

Our July blueberry facial combines blueberries with pureed grapes, lemon juice, honey and aloe vera. Why? Because all of these delicious ingredients are helpful to your skin. Blueberries contain antioxidants that prevent premature aging and wrinkles, grapes are skin brightening, lemon lightens dark spots, honey kills bacteria and aloe calms skin. Wow! And all you do is relax and enjoy being pampered.

The Color Blue

Blueberries aren’t blue by accident; instead it is caused is a compound called anthocyanin that contributes its deep signature blue. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant – molecules that stop oxidation of other molecules.

The bad boys of cell destruction

I don’t want to get all “science-y” with you, but when oxidation takes place (as it does with increasing frequency as we age) a molecule loses electrons, which results in free radicals being produced. These bad boys can damage or even destroy cells.


Anyway, antioxidants protect your skin against free radicals. It is very simple. Blueberry antioxidants are beneficial when you eat them … they also work when they are rubbed on your skin. So, blueberries do more than just taste delicious — they make your skin look delicious!

Did your skin take its vitamins today?

On top of that (as if it wouldn’t be enough) blueberries also contain vitamin C and salicylic acid. Vitamin C is another powerful antioxidant and salicylic acid is widely used in acne treatments as it removes dead cells, opens pores, and inhibits bacteria. So if you tend to have blackheads or breakouts, this facial will help with those.

A Blueberry Facial is the Perfect Gift

Need a gift for the friend who sent a card when your dog was sick, listened to your tale of woe when the dryer died and came with you to buy a swimming suit? Treat them to a gift certificate for a facial from Innovative Medical Therapies! Nothing says ‘thank you’ better than a gift that refreshes, relaxes – and leaves them looking great!


We only offer our monthly facials for a limited time – once our ingredients are used up, our July facial is gone. Book yours today!

Call 1-309-347-2714. Or book online.

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