Innovative Medical Therapies June Grapefruit Facial


Wake Up Your Complexion with Our Grapefruit Facial

Our all-natural June facial brings the brightening zing of a grapefruit scrub to your skin while the scent of lavender calms you and the moisturizing power of grape seed oil hydrates. You’ll feel all your winter troubles wash away while you relax and rejuvenate.

Grapefruit – Citrus Beauty Aid

You know grapefruit is nutritious for you – but did you know it will also do great things for your skin? The antioxidants in grapefruit help fight the free radicals on the skins surface … and the gentle citrus acids help reduce fine lines, brown spots and other skin problems! While the grapefruit flesh does its thing, grated grapefruit peel contributes Vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids to facilitate collagen growth and help your skin look more refreshed after your facial.

Sweet Dreams

Then we add sugar as your natural ‘scrub’ – to slough off the dead skins cells that dull your complexion and to create a smooth surface for makeup – or so you will feel better about skipping makeup.

Lavender Fields

To counteract the exfoliating effect of the grapefruit and sugar scrub — we add essential lavender oils for  marvelous scent and a skin-calming effect. Isn’t amazing that anything that smells so nice also has such a soothing and acne-reducing effect on your skin.

Tiny Seed – Big Results

Grape seed oil is a light and easily absorbed moisturizer. Originally the secret ingredient in high-priced cosmetics, it is a wonderful way to hydrate your skin. Rich in beta-carotene, the tiny grape seed is small but powerful. It offers up vitamin D, C and E as well as good fatty acids like palmitic, stearic and linoleic acids. If that isn’t enough – grape seed oil also has anti-inflammatory antioxidants that are proven to reduce aging and diminish scars. Wow! And we thought a grape seed was just something that got in the way of eating grapes!

Start the Summer Fresh

Everyone is a lot more aware of your skin in the summer. With the sun shining, more social events and a lot less clothing, you will want to start fresh – and our grapefruit facial is just the way to do that. Give us an hour. You’ll leave with brighter skin – ready to start summer with a relaxed smile and a fresh outlook.

A Facial is the Perfect Gift

Need a gift for the friend who watched your house, got the mail and watered your plants while you were gone? Treat them to a gift certificate for a facial from Innovative Medical Therapies! Nothing says ‘thank you’ better than a gift that refreshes, relaxes – and leaves them looking great!

We only offer our monthly facials for a limited time – once our ingredients are used up, our facial is gone. Book yours today!

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