Lavender Essential OIl

Lavender Essential Oil – the relaxation elixir.

Life picks up in September. School starts. The pace is faster.
That is why lavender is a wonderful addition to your essential oil collection. Lavender essential oil’s calming and relaxing properties promote restful sleep and ease tension.

Lavender has been a go-to solution since the Romans and Egyptians used it as a perfume and for bathing and cooking. They knew that lavender was a wise oil to have on hand.

Who struggles with sleep?

You? Your spouse? Or a child? Lavender is widely know for promoting a more restful sleep. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your families’ pillowcase or sheets so that they can inhale the aroma as they drift off.

A more relaxed household.

The same relaxing properties of lavender that help you sleep, also create a serene environment when used in the daytime. Diffuse lavender essential oil – or take it internally – both will relax you and create an atmosphere of ease and peace.

A fizzing lavender soak

It just goes to say that if lavender is relaxing, adding it to your bath makes it doubly so. Just a few drops of lavender essential oil will add its tranquil, relaxing odor to your soaking time. Great, right? So imagine how fun and creative it will be to make these Fizzing Bath Bombs! Just drop one into a bathtub full of hot water, and you have your own scented spa. Plus kids love the fizzing!

Skin-Soothing Lavender

From rashes after shaving to dry skin, one or two drops of lavender essential oil diluted with franctionated coconut oil will allow you to soothe your skin.

Not all essential oils are created the same

We believe in doTERRA oils because of their commitment to providing only the highest quality and purest essential oils, sourced responsibly from around the world. doTERRA is latin for “gift of the earth.” These Certified Pure Theraputic Oils are the ones we use – and they are the ones we recommend.

The Black Sea climate zone of Bulgaria produces some of the world’s best lavender. It’s sunny and dry climate during harvest coupled with dry, well-drained, sandy soils are ideal for this aromatic plant. For these reasons, doTERRA chose Eastern Bulgaria as the place to make reality a vision of creating a world-class production center for lavender.

Call us or stop by to add Lavender Oil to your doTERRA collection.

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