MicroNeedling Sans Needle

MicroNeedling Sans Needles - Laser Needling

NEW! Introducing Laser-Needling. No sharp objects: only light.

SPECIAL: When you purchase this ‘MicroNeedling Sans Needle’ treatment series during our introductory period you’ll receive 35% off SkinMedica’s TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream and still receive all your Brilliant Distinctions points.

If you’ve wanted to try microneedling but your skin crawls at the thought of sharp objects piercing it, MicroNeedling Sans Needles is for you.

Low intensity – Low downtime – Low cost

Using our lasers at their lowest intensity, we are able to duplicate the results of microneedling. The results are very similar to microneedling with the added benefits from heat and light. You will see reduced fine lines, lessened acne scarring, faded stretch marks, improved texture and overall enhanced skin smoothness and glow. Comparable costs and downtime – with no needles – make Laser-Needling a Must-Try!

Tissue Nutrient Solution Helps Produce New Cells

We add Skin Medica’s TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream at the end of the procedure, because science tells us that it will deliver the highest benefit at this point. You may feel warm afterwards, like after a day in the sun. By the next day, our GloBeauty makeup can fully cover any redness with no irritation to your newly treated skin. It is specially formulated for use after procedures.

Let the Light Do the Work

The low-intensity laser treatment penetrates the skin with the laser light in accurate rows of seven pixels per millimeter– creating micro-injury sites only as deep as a few sheets of paper. As these begin to heal, collagen ‘remodels’ your skin. The fine spacing in between the 7 pixels forms a reservoir of skin that remains undamaged by the laser, helping support healing and reducing downtime.

Autumn is Laser Season

Laser treated skin is more sensitive to the sun. That makes Autumn the ideal time to do a laser procedure. No matter what time of year you choose, it is still our recommendation to use an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen daily.

Move toward the light and schedule your MicroNeedling Sans Needle today!


FAQs about MicroNeedling Sans Needles

Do you use anesthesia?
Answer: We use a specially compounded numbing crème – that is all you will need.

When will I see results?
Answer: Your skin will immediately look more glowing, but your best results will come with a 6-treatment series performed once every 3-4 weeks as your collagen regrows, creating fresh, new skin cells.

What is the advantage of a laser over needles?
Answer: The laser is a proven technology, and our Alma lasers are some of the highest rated. They have accurate controls that determine how deep and how far apart the beneficial micro-injuries to your skin will take place. Lasers will not ‘push’ bacteria into your skin, and you don’t need to worry about sanitizing like you must with micro needling, which can pick up bacteria from one section of the skin and move it to the other. The laser light kills all bacteria it comes into contact with, and the heat involved adds another layer of treatment.