A Revolutionary, Non-Surgical, Approach for Sexual Well Being!

We are thrilled to share our new service offering at CSCCI–the FemiLift! This innovative laser treatment tightens and regenerates vaginal tissue and can enhance the sexual experience for you and your partner.

Just as your face loses collagen with aging, so does the vaginal tissue. This causes less elasticity, dryness and in some cases urinary incontinence. The effects can take a physical and emotional toll — until now.


FemiLift delivers concentrated thermal heating to the vaginal tissue’s inner layers inducing collagen and elastin regeneration. It also tightens the top layer, resurfaces the vagina and removes irregularities. It also has another big benefit – it can help abate urinary incontinence. This process is a nearly painless and helps with vaginal tightening.

The entire procedure is completed in less than 60 minutes.  There is absolutely no downtime and results are instant. (On the other hand, surgical vaginal reconstructions can require six to eight weeks of recovery time.)


  • A numbing cream is applied to areas being treated.
  • Patients feel very little discomfort.
  • Gentle treatment for controlled safety and accuracy.
  • Depending on the areas being treated, sessions are primarily under 60 minutes.
  • No post treatment downtime.
  • See and feel results immediately.
  • Multiple sessions are encouraged for enhanced results, usually a minimum of three.
  • Excellent patient satisfaction and long term success.

“Over the age of 55, the vaginal area tends to lose elasticity, and the production of the body’ natural lubrication is significantly diminished. Sex can become very uncomfortable for the woman and her partner. But once the vagina is recalibrated to behave as its ‘younger’ self with the FemiLift, the area becomes tighter and more elastic, and the patient’s ability to self-lubricate is often restored.  Patients in their ‘50s and ‘60s may feel like they’re in their ‘20s again!


What are some facts about urinary stress incontinence?

Urinary stress incontinence results from a lack of support from the pelvic diaphragm and a weakening urethra. Woman commonly notice an inability to hold their urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing or engaging in exercise. Symptoms tend to worsen over time.

As mentioned, childbirth is a common cause of urinary stress incontinence. However, menopause also can trigger symptoms since ovaries cease producing estrogen. A lack of estrogen results in thinner tissues that line the urethra, a weakened sphincter mechanism that opens/closes the urethra and weaker bladder muscles.

A fractional CO2 laser, an intravaginal device, is used to cause a controlled collagen breakdown along the periurethral tissues, i.e. soft tissues surrounding the urethra causing the body to go into a regenerative mode. Enough collagen breakdown can minimize symptoms of urinary stress incontinence without ever undergoing surgery. The intravaginal device allows Dr. Fisher to target specifically the area of the vagina that will cause vaginal tightening and enhanced bladder support.

Traditionally, surgical solutions for urinary stress incontinence include the insertion of a mesh or sling. Women should attempt this non-surgical option before undergoing surgery, which can pose risks like erosion of the mesh or sling through tissue. Surgical options can be explored if this first-line treatment does not provide desired results for patients.

The benefits of non-surgical, FDA-approved treatment using a fractional CO2 laser include:

  • No downtime
  • No pain medications
  • No anesthesia
  • No mesh or sling
  • Nearly zero complications with excellent results
  • Brief sessions

“An innovative, safe and painless strategy for rejuvenating vaginal tissue that can enhance your levels of intimacy and maybe even transform your life! “says Dr. Fisher.



About Dr. Bill Fisher

Dr. Bill Fisher

With more than 23 years of medical experience, Bill Fisher, DO has been an involved member of the medical community in Central Illinois since opening Pekin Family Practice in 1991.  His vision has been to create a comprehensive center for patient wellness and health.  In 2011, he expanded his practice to include cosmetic and skin care services.

A well-known and respected family practice physician, Dr. C. William Fisher also explored the fields of specialty surgery in medical school and residency.  Ultimately choosing to practice medicine in the Family Practice arena, his skill in fine, detailed procedures led him to seriously consider a career in plastic surgery.

Over the years, Dr. Fisher’s passion for facial reconstruction remained, leading him to incorporate cosmetics into his practice.  Dr. Fisher loves seeing the patient’s reactions when they see the effectiveness of our skincare and cosmetic treatments.

A distinguishing quality of the CSCCI experience is Dr. Fisher’s personal and professional investment in a patient’s treatment plan, preferring to do facial procedures himself.  His natural talent for fine details, his commitment to patient satisfaction, and pursuit of excellence sets him and his cosmetic team apart, ensuring happy, customized, and positive results.

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