Dr. Bill Fisher
Dr. Bill Fisher

With more than 30 years of medical experience, Dr. Bill Fisher, DO has been an involved member of the medical community in Central Illinois since opening Pekin Family Practice in 1991.  His vision has been to create a comprehensive center for patient wellness and health.  In 2011, he expanded his practice to include cosmetic and skin care services and in 2015 he incorporated Weight Management, Feminine Rejuvenation and Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing.

A well known and respected family practice physician, Dr. C. William Fisher also explored the fields of specialty surgery in medical school and residency.  Ultimately choosing to practice medicine as a Family Practice Physician, his skill in fine, detailed procedures remains and he has exercised those talents by successfully performing minor surgical procedures and cosmetic treatments himself.

In addition to his surgical skill, Dr. Fisher has delivered hundreds of babies, worked emergency rooms throughout his career, and provided effective, comprehensive medical care to thousands.  He carefully researches the treatment options available on the market and selects the services that he knows will provide the best results and make the biggest difference in people’s lives.

Dr. Fisher loves seeing the patient’s reactions when they see the effectiveness of IMT’s Treatments.  It’s gratifying to see people actually see the difference our treatments and products make on the way people look and feel.

A distinguishing quality of the IMT experience is Dr. Fisher’s personal and professional investment in a patient’s treatment plan, preferring to do facial procedures himself.  His natural talent for fine details, his commitment to patient satisfaction, and pursuit of excellence makes him and the IMT team ideally suited to provide innovative, comprehensive, concierge type medicine for our medical spa customers.

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