Rejuvenate Your Back

We know it’s hard to see your back … do you ever wonder what your skin and pores really look like back there? Even if you try back exfoliation on your own, it’s almost impossible to reach every area.

To be sure you are getting your entire back clean and keep it from getting acne, enlarged pores, blackheads, and any number of unsightly skin issues, let Innovative Medical Therapies treat your back like you treat the rest of you!

What is a Back Treatment?

Back treatments are quickly becoming one of our more popular skin care and relaxation services. This beneficial skin treatment, performed by our expert aestheticians, provides a cleanse and a mask, extraction, and exfoliation for your entire back. It is an excellent way to keep your back looking and feeling healthy and recover from acne breakouts. And what better way to unwind than with a back rub and a back scrub?

Back Exfoliation for Men and Women

Ladies – want to feel a smooth back on your guy? We know women are huge fans of spa treatments and men tend to shy away, thinking it’s “girlie!” At Innovative Medical Therapies, our back exfoliation treatment is perfect for our gentlemen clients. Men tend to sweat more and take less care with their skin than women; after a while, it shows. Our premier MedSpa, in Central Illinois, is as much “medical” as it is “spa” so men feel equally comfortable coming in for treatments. Those who do frequent IMT love it and keep coming back for more.

Schedule Today

Why not schedule a back treatment for you and your sweetheart today and consider our hair removal options too. We offer several different hair removal treatments, including Laser Hair Removal for a permanent solution.

We look forward to seeing you soon and providing relaxing, rejuvenating MedSpa treatments that let you de-stress while perfecting your skin. Contact us today for your free consultation! 309-347-2714