Facial Treatments

Want clearer, brighter skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles? Allow Innovative Medical Therapies to pamper your skin with rejuvenating facials so your complexion can be as radiant as you are!

From chemical peels and an array of laser treatments to medical-grade microdermabrasion and injectable cosmetics, take a look at our selection of treatments for our Central Illinois clients – you’ll see why we’re the premier Midwest MedSpa!

Advanced Microdermabrasion

One of Innovative Medical Therapies most popular facials, this treatment will leave you wanting more! An aesthetician will exfoliate and polish your skin’s surface using a medical grade microdermabrasion system. Unlike other systems, ours does not use aluminum oxide, which can irritate the skin and cannot be used on sensitive areas.

Rather, we use a pure baking soda mixture that leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant after just one treatment. Better yet, invest in a package, and you will notice a drastic improvement in the appearance of fine lines, skin texture, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation. It’s not just a revival for your skin, it’s a YOU revival!

Microcurrent Facial Therapy

Using a very small amount of electricity, our skin care professionals stimulate the muscles in your face to help firm and tone your face and neck. This popular facial treatment for aging skin enhances your natural chemicals on a cellular level so you’ll see lifted jowls or eyebrows, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, improved facial circulation for a rosy glow, and more! Give it a try for a toned, brighter complexion.

Chemical Peels

This facial treatment is a good one to do on a regular basis. Environmental toxins, sun damage, freckles, and stress can change the outer layer of your skin quickly. Chemical peels improve the texture of your skin by using a chemical solution that causes dead skin to peel off, revealing new, unblemished “baby” skin beneath. Innovative Medical Therapies offers a number of medical grade chemical peels to our Central Illinois clientele.


Get refreshed with one of our relaxing medical grade facials! Allow our skin care professionals to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and nourish your skin with the most powerful products available. Whether you want to get rid of acne, promote better skin texture, or bond with a friend or family member, our facials are the perfect way to unwind and enjoy beautiful, glowing skin..

Injectable Cosmetics

Looking for the Fountain of Youth? We have it at IMT! For near instant wrinkle-relief, we offer BOTOX®, Juvederm®, and Voluma® Injectable Cosmetics. Now there are even more great skin care treatment options to erase fine lines, deep creases, and wrinkles the non-surgical way. And they’re all part of the Brilliant Distinctions Reward Program so you can earn points and dollars back on future treatments and products!

Pixel Perfect Skin Resurfacing

Starting to see smile lines and wrinkles? This laser skin care treatment effectively targets and treats fine lines and wrinkles. This facial dramatically boosts skin’s texture and tone by stimulating new collagen growth through the microscopic perforation of the skin. Ask us about this non-surgical way to give your face that lifted look that lasts.

AFT Photofacial Rejuvenation

Been in the sun too much? Have you noticed unsightly “age spots?” This laser skin care treatment is best for treating sun damage, excessive redness, uneven pigmentation, and age spots. For the latest in modern dermatology, be sure to choose this facial treatment.

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