You Can Get a Facial for Acne

Are you tired of persistent acne? Have you been told you have to avoid facials when you have a breakout? Acne can happen at any age and cause discomfort, scarring, and embarrassment that’s why at  Innovative Medical Therapies we specialize in helping your skin look and feel its best no matter what situation you’re facing. We have a specific facial for acne to help you heal from and avoid that all-too-common skin problem and the embarrassment that comes with it.

A Bit About Acne

Did you know acne is the #1 skin disorder with nearly 3 million cases reported yearly in the U.S.? And those are just the reported cases! So if you’re suffering, you’re not alone. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more and more women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond are suffering from acne breakouts. This could be due to hormones, pollution, medication, or dietary and health changes – whatever the cause, acne should be treated carefully to avoid dark spots, scarring, and the spread of bacteria to other parts of your face. IMT’s facial for acne will do all of that and more … you’ll also get your self-esteem back!

Why Treat Acne with a Professional Facial?

Early treatment is best! Being proactive about treating your acne is the most effective way to ensure you take care of it before it worsens and keep new blemishes from festering.

  • Faster results
  • Reduced Scarring
  • Stop post-pimple dark/red spots from lingering
  • Prevent mild acne from becoming severe
  • Avoid having to use prescription medication
  • Decrease the chances of fighting acne for years
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Preserve your skin for life
  • Less chance of having multiple skin treatments later to reverse the damage

IMT’s Acne Facial

This facial is appropriate for both adults and teens and is an ideal choice for acne and breakout-prone skin. Not only is our acne facial relaxing and rejuvenating, it helps clear blemishes with extractions, a glycolic chemical peel, and specially formulated products that promote healing and discourage new breakouts.

When performed on a regular basis, the acne facial can significantly reduce or even eliminate acne flare-ups for a smooth glowing complexion and years of healthy skin. You’ll feel unstoppable when you’re not hiding or thinking about your unsightly acne all the time.

  • $85
  • 45 minutes to 1 hour

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