Acne Treatment & Skin Rejuvenator

Acne can be persistent at any age – and equally embarrassing. If you’ve tried all the acne treatments and retail skin care out there and still can’t seem to feel good about your complexion, Innovative Medical Therapies can change your life! As your premier Central Illinois medical day spa, we have a huge selection of medically approved skin care treatments and products, including SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel.

Our Vitalize Peel Facial

During any chemical peel facial, a natural acid is brushed on your skin that neutralizes itself in the just the right amount of time; in this case, the acids are a unique blend of Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A) and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (typically from fruit) with Resorcinol (a natural phenol).

All of these amazing ingredients gently but effectively break up the outer layer of old, rough skin on your face, stimulate collagen production, improve pigmentation, acne, and melasma, and reveal a new layer of soft youthful skin.

Re-Vitalize with IMT

Our most popular chemical peel, Vitalize offers rewards beyond imagination. You will end up with fewer fine lines and wrinkles, age spots that fade, and those looking for acne treatment will notice less acne and acne scars.

Though you’ll see amazing results with the first peel, we do recommend a series of 3-6 Vitalize Peels every 3-4 weeks. When supported by the appropriate SkinMedica® skin care regimen, you’ll see long-lasting results. It’s never been easier to have smooth, glowing, youthful “TV Star” skin at any age!

Recovery Period

Typically patients experience mild to moderate peeling approximately two-to-three days after the procedure that lasts about three to five days. We offer soothing SkinMedica products and glo Minerals Makeup to make that transition easier and less noticeable.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

In order to ensure that our Vitalize Peel is right for you, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. We’ll analyze your skin and address a few post-peel advisories such as avoiding the sun and wearing a high-level sunblock after your treatment.

Our team of certified professionals looks forward to meeting you and helping you have acne-free, creamy, youthful skin today! And don’t forget to ask about Latisse® for naturally thicker, longer eyelashes too! 309-347-2714