BOTOX® Injections – Youth in Minutes

Looking for the fountain of youth?! It’s at Innovative Medical Therapies in Central Illinois! Not only do we offer a blend of treatments that are really like having your very own custom fountain of youth, BOTOX injections are still the next best thing for immediate anti-wrinkle results!

Why Do We Love BOTOX Injections?

Because it makes everyone look amazing right away! It’s magic in a bottle AND it can even prevent wrinkles if you start treating an area before wrinkles form! Seriously – the best anti-wrinkle beauty treatment for men and women of any age comes in a tiny vial labeled BOTOX.

Every Reason to Try BOTOX

Here’s how it works. BOTOX is given in teeny-tiny amounts via injection to relax the muscles that form wrinkles. You’ll barely feel the injections depending on where they are, and the results start almost immediately and continue to improve for 7-14 days. BOTOX® Cosmetic is an FDA-approved prescription injection that reduces crow’s feet around your eyes, horizontal lines above your eyebrows, and moderate-to-severe frown lines between the brows.

With regular treatments (every 3-4 months), BOTOX will have a preventative effect – new wrinkles simply do not form. Any discomfort is minimal and brief, and the procedure itself takes 10 minutes or less and requires no downtime. And – as an added bonus, BOTOX is part of the Brilliant Distinctions program. Every $100 you spend generally equates to a $10 coupon toward future injections and SkinMedica® Products. How cool is that?

BOTOX® Cosmetic vs. The Imposters

There are many physicians, salons, and spas offering BOTOX or like products – it’s a different experience at Innovative Medical Therapies. First of all – you will always get BOTOX and not a generic. It is proven to last longer with no side effects. And secondly, rather than delegating injections to someone else, Dr. Fisher – known for his steady hand and attention to detail, does the injections himself.

There’s a lot of training that goes into BOTOX injections – it requires extreme precision to give you the right look without any mistakes. You don’t want just anyone at a BOTOX party winging it when it comes to relaxing facial muscles!

Free Consultations

Another added bonus with IMT is our free consultations. We want to make sure you’re looking at the right treatment for your beauty goals before you pay a cent. Once you come in for your free consultation and treatment with Dr. Fisher, together you will choose the amount of BOTOX and placement that will be the most natural looking and comfortable for you.

Remember – BOTOX typically lasts 3 months and when you keep on a regimen, it can reduce the wrinkles on your face over time and prevent new ones! Contact us today for your BOTOX consultation and tell others you’ve found the Fountain of Youth at IMT in a teeny-tiny bottle! 309-347-2714