Free Microdermabrasion for Veterans and active military.

We salute your service to our country!

Free Microdermobrasion to all Active and Veteran Military Personnel from July 5 to 15! If you are - or were - in the military – or know someone who is – this special is our way of saying thank you for your service. In honor of the Fourth of July, Innovative Medical Therapies is offering a free microdermabrasion to all active duty and veteran military personnel. From July 5 through July 15, come in to Innovative Medical Therapies now for this special treatment. To qualify, just bring your Military Identification Card. Microdermabrasion is used to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age/sun spots. It improves acne and acne-related scarring, repairs sun-damaged skin, and improves the appearance of uneven skin tone. Microdermabrasion can even reduce pore size and leaves you with silky-smooth skin. Our unique procedure uses specially formulated baking soda crystals that are propelled at a high speed...

Basil Essential Oil - our July Special

Basil – Our July Essential Oil

Basil Essential Oil is relaxing, cooling, and healthy – we could all use more of that in the heat of summer. One of our favorite cooking herbs, Basil Essential Oil is known for its warm, spicy yet herbal aroma. As a spice, it is wonderful in pasta. But applied to the temples or back of the neck, it reduces anxiety and calms. It is said to be the oil of “renewal.” That’s why we selected it to be our July Essential Oil of the month. Cooling Agent As the summer heats up, who doesn’t need a secret cool-aid. Basil essential oil is just that. Combine it with Wintergreen and a carrier oil for a cooling massage. Or just use on the spots that heat up. Stressing? Who us? Who in your family stresses easily? Is it your son on the first day of summer camp? Or your husband when work...

Our Blueberry Facial is July's way of telling you that you are beautiful.

July Facial of the Month: Blueberry

Our July facial is our blueberry facial. Our blueberry facial is a combination of five natural ingredients – all of which are delicious when eaten, but also beneficial when used as a facial. A delicious recipe for beauty. Our July blueberry facial combines blueberries with pureed grapes, lemon juice, honey and aloe vera. Why? Because all of these delicious ingredients are helpful to your skin. Blueberries contain antioxidants that prevent premature aging and wrinkles, grapes are skin brightening, lemon lightens dark spots, honey kills bacteria and aloe calms skin. Wow! And all you do is relax and enjoy being pampered. The Color Blue Blueberries aren’t blue by accident; instead it is caused is a compound called anthocyanin that contributes its deep signature blue. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant – molecules that stop oxidation of other molecules. The bad boys of cell destruction I don’t want to get all “science-y” with...

Innovative Medical Therapies July 2017 Salt Glo Special

July Salt Glo Special

  Schedule your Salt Glo Treatment in July – and receive 30% off GloMinerals’ Body Spa Collection By chance does your skin feel stiff and rough in places? That isn’t your imagination. Without regular exfoliation, old, dead skin cells pile up on your skin. With time they become hard and cause roughness. If that isn’t enough, they also trap bacteria and dirt. I know you thought showering every day was fixing all that … but it doesn’t. Lucky for you, our July special is the Salt Glo salt scrub! Just in time for summer’s skirts, shorts and tanks tops – our salt scrub will vanquish all those dry, flaky, dead skin cells, revealing the soft, pliant new skin underneath. Exfoliation doesn’t just get rid of the old cells – the process of removing the old also encourages growth of new cells. And new healthy cell growth also tightens the skin!...

Innovative Medical Therapies June Grapefruit Facial

June’s Facial of the Month: Grapefruit

  Wake Up Your Complexion with Our Grapefruit Facial Our all-natural June facial brings the brightening zing of a grapefruit scrub to your skin while the scent of lavender calms you and the moisturizing power of grape seed oil hydrates. You’ll feel all your winter troubles wash away while you relax and rejuvenate. Grapefruit – Citrus Beauty Aid You know grapefruit is nutritious for you – but did you know it will also do great things for your skin? The antioxidants in grapefruit help fight the free radicals on the skins surface … and the gentle citrus acids help reduce fine lines, brown spots and other skin problems! While the grapefruit flesh does its thing, grated grapefruit peel contributes Vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids to facilitate collagen growth and help your skin look more refreshed after your facial. Sweet Dreams Then we add sugar as your natural ‘scrub’ –...

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