Muse Salon Makeover

We Found Your Weight Loss Muse!

Need a little incentive to start your weight loss program?!?  How about a weight loss muse?  We have a really special one thanks to the fabulous team at Muse Salon, Inc in downtown Pekin! Any participants who sign up for the weight loss program on or before January 31 and who accomplish the following, will be entered into a drawing for a TOTAL MAKEOEVER from Muse Salon, Inc.!  How cool would an entirely fresh new look be?!?The makeover will include a hair cut, color, and manicure from Muse! All you will need to do to participate will be: 1.  Make the commitment to send your life in a new, healthier direction with IMT! 2.  Attend all of the program meetings over the next 6 weeks. 3.  Follow the program the closest with no lapses. 4.  Agree to a before and after photo that can be shared by both Muse and...

Why Choose the Femilift

Why choose the Femilift laser treatment over other laser options?  Because the Femilift is the best! Have you ever seen the labels on clothing that say “One Size Fits All?” That usually means it fits 40 to 50 percent of the people that might wear it, while it poorly fits the rest. Medical treatments can be the same way. The Femilift laser provides the physician the ability to offer personalized laser treatment for the patient with urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness. Femilift delivers specific and individual burst of energy rather than a one-burst system. The physician controls the length, strength and location of each energy burst; the patient receives exactly the amount of energy needed in exactly the right place to treat their individual needs. The treatment is tailor made just for you. Because of its design, Femilift delivers the optimal amount of ablative and thermal energy in each burst,...

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