Lemongrass is Innovative Medical Therapies June Essential Oil

Lemongrass – Our June Essential Oil.

Ohh... lemongrass. Experience the citrus-y, herbaceous, smokey scent. THE SWISS ARMY KNIFE OF OILS When you hear the many benefits of Lemongrass, you are going to want to add this oil to your collection. A tall, perennial plant, Lemongrass is an edible oil that helps digestion. Its warm and citrus-y aroma makes it awakening and enlightening in a massage – or in a diffuser. Tired of the rainy spring? A touch of Lemongrass on your wrist will help you adopt a positive outlook and brighten your overall outlook. It has skin benefits too - adding Lemongrass to your cleanser or moisturizer will help tone and purify your skin. REPELS INSECTS And with summer almost here, your doTERRA Lemongrass Essential Oil will help repel insects! Consider diffusing it on your patio or deck, to keep away mosquitos, wasps or other bothersome bugs. Or spritz it on your skin before a walk...

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