Innovative Medical Therapies July 2017 Salt Glo Special

July Salt Glo Special

  Schedule your Salt Glo Treatment in July – and receive 30% off GloMinerals’ Body Spa Collection By chance does your skin feel stiff and rough in places? That isn’t your imagination. Without regular exfoliation, old, dead skin cells pile up on your skin. With time they become hard and cause roughness. If that isn’t enough, they also trap bacteria and dirt. I know you thought showering every day was fixing all that … but it doesn’t. Lucky for you, our July special is the Salt Glo salt scrub! Just in time for summer’s skirts, shorts and tanks tops – our salt scrub will vanquish all those dry, flaky, dead skin cells, revealing the soft, pliant new skin underneath. Exfoliation doesn’t just get rid of the old cells – the process of removing the old also encourages growth of new cells. And new healthy cell growth also tightens the skin!...

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