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Your lifelong success with weight management is our highest goal!

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“Hear how our patient Julie Roth was able to make an amazing transformation on the Robard program.”

Your lifelong success with weight management is IMT’s highest goal!

Have you struggled with your weight for years? Have you tried every fad diet with some success only to go right back up the scales when it was over? Does being preoccupied with weight affect your life on a daily basis? If you answered yes to any of these and you’re ready to get healthy for life, Innovative Medical Therapies’ New Direction weight loss program in Pekin, Illinois, is here for you! We offer 3 different medically supervised weight loss programs that provide results and give you your life back.

3 Programs for Weight-Loss & Optimum Health

The Robard Corporation has been helping people lose and manage their weight for decades, and Innovative Medical Therapies has embraced their New Direction program because IT WORKS!  Our proven weight management programs and quality assured nutritional products have helped thousands of patients achieve their weight loss goals — and more importantly, improve their health and happiness.

Robard Corporation New Directions Weight Management System

Robard’s New Direction Weight Management System offers many benefits and are recommended if you’re clinically obese, have medical issues related to weight, and want to reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions. Having health issues can make losing weight that much harder – the medical staff at Innovative Medical Therapies is highly trained and available to help you through your program, no matter what challenges you face.

Treat Chronic Conditions

Reduce obesity related comorbidities, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, high triglycerides, kidney disease, sleep apnea, and more.

Improve Quality of Life

Robard’s New Directions weight management programs show marked improvement in our patients’ quality of life through lasting lifestyle changes that help reduce chronic conditions.

Safe and effective, these weight management programs help you lose weight while learning lifelong healthy habits. You will realize long-term weight maintenance through nutrition, behavior, and exercise re-education. Our programs and products are physician based and only available through physicians, hospitals, and medically staffed clinics.

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Medical vs. Non-Medical Weight Loss Programs

The first step toward your new, healthier lifestyle is finding the weight loss program that’s best for you. Consider the differences between the two below.

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Evidence-based Medical Protocols

Robard’s comprehensive Bariatric Medical Protocols, developed by leaders in the weight management field, guide us in the treatment of obese patients. Also provided are coexisting condition-specific medical protocols covering diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, and kidney disease.

New Direction® Weight Management System

Innovative Medical Therapies is also excited to offer our weight loss clinic patients the New Direction® Weight Management System*. With this weight loss and management program, we can successfully treat overweight clients that need to lose weight for health or personal reasons. We do this through an integrated, individualized treatment plan that is medically supervised by a team of healthcare professionals led by our Program Director, Mary Jo Noyes, RN.

How It Works

New Direction is a multidisciplinary program of behavior modification, nutrition education, physical activity, and group support to reinforce lasting lifestyle changes. It is our most popular program with rapid results and creates healthy changes in all areas of your life, including emotional well-being. Results are dramatic and quick for those who are committed – some of our patients have lost up to 50 pounds within a 4-5 month period!

With New Direction, nutritionally complete meal replacements replace grocery food intake for several weeks or months depending on your goals. IMT patients (and staff!) report that the food products taste great, the program is easy to follow, and the meetings are informative and helpful.

Weight Loss Before and After
Weight Loss Before and After

New Direction® Benefits

Not only will you reap the obvious rewards of losing weight like feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy, and a healthier emotional outlook, you’ll realize life-saving health benefits as well. These health benefits typically include a reduction in comorbid conditions including lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics, lower serum cholesterol, and reduced pain in weight-bearing joints, just to name a few.

If New Direction sounds like a plan you would like to explore, please contact us today for your free consultation and begin a new direction for a healthier life! We want this to be the last “diet” you ever need and we are committed to that goal!

*This program includes medical, diabetic, and bariatric surgery protocols.

S.T.A.R. Maintenance Plan

Many weight loss programs have been developed to help people lose weight, but comparatively, little attention has been given to maintaining weight loss. Recidivism is a common issue for many weight loss patients – research demonstrates that patients who follow a structured weight loss program often regain 75% or more of their lost weight.

That is why Innovative Medical Therapies has incorporated the Robard S.T.A.R. Plan® — Steps to Avoid Regain — into our core weight loss clinic programs to provide the added tools to help you develop permanent lifestyle changes.  S.T.A.R. was developed by an expert research panel and medical professionals operating successful weight management programs; it has a history of successfully helping patients avoid regain.

The S.T.A.R. Plan is a wonderful complement to our weight loss plans and provides additional strategies to meet the multifaceted challenges you may face to achieve long-term weight loss success.  A wealth of resources previously unapplied to weight maintenance, including Cognitive Restructuring, Motivational Interviewing, and Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, are utilized to help you build on the personal satisfaction and inherent value of sustaining a healthy weight.

Quality Weight Loss Products

Robard has a full line of high-quality protein products with vitamins and minerals to support a healthy metabolism and lean muscle mass during weight loss. These proteins supply the proper balance of amino acids and nitrogen essential for protein synthesis and many other metabolic functions so weight loss is effective and safe. All our medical products are also low in carbohydrates and fat to facilitate the release of stored fat.

Robard has delicious meal replacements, protein bars, snacks, and much more — at prices that are among the best in the industry. Products are distributed through IMT – they are not sold over the counter.

Each meal replacement and protein supplement undergoes an extensive quality assurance review and analysis to ensure each product is delivering high quality nutrition at the labeled level. All our products meet the Federal Code of Regulation requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices and NLEA/DSHEA labeling of Food Products and Dietary Supplements.

Nutritionally designed by food scientist professionals and reviewed by physicians, our wide variety of products, flavors, and meal plans allow us to tailor a weight loss dietary program to meet your precise needs.

Free Consultations

As you can see, Innovative Medical Therapies in Central Illinois, has something for everyone! We align with only the most researched and results-driven weight management programs backed by science and the medical profession.

Our highly experienced, caring medical staff includes Dr. Fisher, Mary Jo Noyes, RN, who worked for years in a hospital-based wellness center, and guest professionals from the behavioral, nutritional, and exercise fields. We are a highly trained, dedicated, and passionate team committed to making your life better.

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